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Please read, understand, & agree to all PLUGGED terms & conditions before purchasing your PLUGGED bag. Thank you so much for shopping!
    - I am aware that all orders must be placed online
    - I am aware that this is an online store and there are NO PICK UPS.
​    - I am aware that all sales are NON-REFUNDABLE.
    - I am aware that there is a 30 day warranty period for MANUFACTURE DEFECT ONLY.
    - I am aware that I am fully responsible for how I treat, carry, and store my PLUGGED bag.
    - I am aware that it is my responsibility to check my bag for any discrepancies within  3 days of delivery & report any       issues immediately
    - I am aware that it is my responsibility to ensure that my selected color(s) and style(s) are correct before checking           out. 
    - I am aware that it is my 
responsibility to ensure that my address is correct before checking out, including suite/apt         number. 
    - I am aware that it is my responsibility to ensure my quantity is 
correct before checking out. 




All products are hand crafted, so be mindful of any excessive force and/or super heavy items. 

Be aware that dye from certain clothing can transfer to your lighter colored bags as a result of friction/rubbing/bleeding.

Do not machine wash or dry clean. For light blemishes use warm water, a white cloth, & light soap. Gentle strokes.

Always house/store your bags in the accompanying dust bag when not being carried.

For "THE PLUGGED BAG" mini & medium bags be sure to store handles upright to prevent any premature wear on handles. The medium bag handles can be inserted into one another upright to stand up. The handles on these particular styles are not meant to be excessively flexed or be excessively bent. 


Allow 3-5 business days for shipping. None local orders may take up to 7 business days. 

Signatures are not required so please be aware of tracking and estimated delivery times. 

If it has been agreed upon for a return you are responsible for the shipping fee.

NO PICK UPS (there is no pick up location).

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